The MFMA honors those members, past and present, who have made a lasting impact on the maple flooring industry. Inductees into the MFMA Hall of Fame have accomplishments ranging from founding mills to educating architects and specifiers to developing innovative milling and installation techniques. These outstanding members helped the MFMA become the recognized leader in quality product and technical expertise, and their legacy lives on in the work the association does today.

Recipients by Years

Albert H. Abendroth

Class of 2002
Born February 12, 1867, in Neulobitz, Pomerania, Germany, Albert came to the U.S. in 1883 at the age of 16 and located in Detroit.

Carl Abendroth

Class of 2004
Applying his plant production experience with his business training, Carl quickly moved into the company sales area with great passion building customer and architect relationships.

Walter C. Abendroth

Class of 2002
In 1924 MFMA faced a Federal anti-trust lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice and Walter C. Abendroth was assigned to assist with the preparation of the defense of the association. In 1926 the Supreme Court handed down a ruling in favor of the MFMA, and this became a landmark case still studied in law school today.

Charles "Andy" Anderson

Class of 2002
Andy's first exposure to flooring was with A.L. Jackson Co., in Chicago, who installed many of the floors in the Chicago World's Fair-The Century of Progress-which opened in 1933.

Carl J. Anstett

Class of 2006
In 1939 Ed and Carl started a tool and die business in the families garage near Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Edgar P. Anstett

Class of 2006
Carl and Ed co-designed and developed the Powernail Powercleate and the Model 45 Powernailer. The first patents were issued in 1955 and these products revolutionized the hardwood flooring industry, reducing time and cost for hardwood flooring installations.

Richard Baseman, Sr.

Class of 2010
In the late 1950’s, Baseman, Sr. started toying with the idea of a “rider sander”, an idea that many thought was impossible.  By 1960 he had fully developed a functional riding sander and applied for and received a patent for his invention.

Otto Berk

Class of 2002
From 1932 through 1953, Otto Berk Flooring Company was involved in such MFMA installations as Yale University, Princeton University, and the residences of both the Vanderbilt family and John D. Rockfeller.

Lewis R. Bosco

Class of 2018
Lew expanded his working knowledge of the flooring industry – from the science of wood properties to finishes and adhesives. A patent was issued in Lewis Bosco’s name for the construction of 12x12 parquet tile in 1983. 

Leonard C. Britten

Class of 2010
Mr. Britten's career spans the rough days of early logging, the depression, World War II and perhaps some of the most important periods in the sports flooring industry as new systems based on performance were first implemented.
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