Accredited Mechanics Program

The AM Program improves installer's competencies in the installation of MFMA sports flooring systems and provides architects, construction specifiers, and end users with information to make informed choices about the selection of qualified installers and installation companies.

MFMA accreditation is a voluntary process by which Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association uses a set of pre-determined standards to validate an individual's qualifications and knowledge as a hardwood maple, beech, and birch sports flooring installer.

The purposes of accreditation for hardwood maple sports flooring installers are:

  • Assisting the general public in evaluating the experience and expertise of installers;
  • Recognizing professional hardwood maple sports flooring installers who meet a designated level of experience and demonstrate a standard of knowledge;
  • Providing a means of identifying professionals who meet a standard of achievement; and
  • Raising professional standards and improving the practice of hardwood maple sports flooring construction.



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Accreditation Step-by-Step

  1. Contact your MFMA Mill Manufacturer to inquire about MFMA Mill Accreditation training.
  2. Company owners or job foreman may attend MFMA Mill Accreditation training on a particular manufacturer’s floor systems and MFMA standards and recommendations. Those individuals that participated in the MFMA Mill Accreditation training can then train their employees.
  3. COMPLETE THE MFMA - AM APPLICATION FORM.  You will be directed from there to the online payment page.
    • Once a company receives MFMA Mill Accreditation, any employee from that company is eligible to take the MFMA Accredited Mechanic exam.
  4. MFMA Headquarters will then contact the MFMA Mill Manufacturer who delivered your training to verify your company received training from that mill and that the mill recommends that employees from your company take the Accredited Mechanic exam.
  5. You will be notified by MFMA Headquarters once MFMA has verified that your company has received training from a mill and that your employees are eligible to take the Accredited Mechanic exam.
  6. Take the MFMA Accreditation exam.
  7. Once you have successfully completed the examination process you will receive confirmation that you successfully passed the MFMA Accreditation exam and will receive an Accreditation Certificate.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact MFMA Headquarters at 888-480-9138 or by email at MFMA@MAPLEFLOOR.ORG

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