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Why Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association?
Why Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association?

Founded in 1897, the MFMA is the only authoritative source of technical information about hard maple flooring. The association publishes grade standards, guide specifications, floor care recommendations and specifications for athletic flooring sealers and finishes available from MFMA headquarters or for download from the MFMA website.


 The year when MFMA was established 


Approximate number of maple sports floors installed since 1979


Sport Floor Contractors Members in the United States and Canada


Number of PUR Compliant MFMA sports flooring systems


Anticipated number of years a 25/32" thick maple floor system is expected to last


Number of MFMA-approved floor sealers and finishes


Beginning in the late 1990s, there has been a movement within the industry to quantify performance characteristics that best define "a good sports floor". As a result, our industry has hundreds of different sports flooring systems, each with varying levels of performance. Within this range of system options, there are some common performance characteristics the industry has recognized as being most desired and important. 

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PUR<br> Standards
Accredited<br> Mechanics <br>Program

The AI Program improves installer’s competencies in the installation of MFMA sports flooring systems and provides architects, construction specifiers, and end users with information to make informed choices about the selection of qualified installers and installation companies.


The MFMA provides fantastic training, opportunities, and education for the Sport flooring segment of Maple wood flooring. When you watch NBA games, take a closer look at the beautiful floors each team plays on. Every floor has set standards for installing, finishing, the paint used in graphics, and also the systems that are not visible underneath those floors. These standards meld together to deliver a floor that provides the spring, grip, and performance needed for everything from high school volleyball to NBA games broadcasted across the world.

A huge thank you to the MFMA from our companies and teams. A+ organization.

Mitchell R.

The MFMA is your authority when choosing a hardwood sports floor. They fully understand the importance of testing and making sure that you get the best system for your money. But understand, because of the MFMA's guidance, if you choose to go with economical solution, you are sure to get a high-quality sports floor. This is what the MFMA can do for you.

Kevin P.

The MFMA is a tremendous organization, and we value their leadership and knowledge of the wood sports floor industry. El Paso Floor has been an MFMA member for decades.

Kevin W.

The MFMA is the authority on hardwood athletic and recreational flooring systems for K-12, collegiate, professional and community recreation facilities. If you are an architectural specifier, you are well advised to consult with the MFMA and its mill and contractor members for your next athletic or recreational flooring project. The MFMA staff is helpful, will answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

John F.

We are very pleased with the athletic performance on our MFMA floors in our varsity basketball arena, intramural gym and dance studio... We have found MFMA maple to be very aesthetically pleasing.

Barbara Bickford
Associate Director of Athletics

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