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Athletic Maple Floor Resurfacing


This Guide Specification is designed to assist in the resurfacing of an existing maple sport floor. Questions concerning information contained in this Guide should be directed to MFMA’s Technical Director. Always refer to MFMA’s current list of position statements when writing any specification.

Part 1: General

1.1 Description

  1. This document specifies the proper procedures and application for the resurfacing of an existing maple athletic floor.

1.2 Quality Assurance

  1. The finish product shall be approved and currently listed on the MFMA Athletic Flooring Sealer and Finish Conformance List.
  2. The Sport Floor Contractor shall be a current member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association.
  3. The flooring contractor shall be an MFMA Mill Accredited Installation Company with MFMA Accredited Installer(s)* on-site for the duration of the refinish.

1.3 Working Conditions

  1. Resurfacing of an existing floor system shall not commence until all masonry, finish and/or wet trades, such as, concrete, painting, etc., plastering/dry walling, tile and overhead mechanical trades are complete. The building must be enclosed and weather tight.
  2. Permanent heat, light and ventilation shall be installed and operating before, during and after the resurfacing is complete; MFMA recommends a temperature range of 55 degrees to 75 degrees and a relative humidity range compatible with expected environmental conditions when the facility is occupied. (Maintaining a maximum 15 percent seasonal difference between high and low humidity levels). Expected minimum/maximum indoor relative humidity will depend upon building design, geographic location, HVAC systems and operating schedules. Consult your local MFMA Sport Floor contractor for specific information.

1.4 Warranty

  1. (Submission of Finish Manufacturer’s Warranty Information)
  2. (Submission of Sport Floor Contractor’s Warranty Information)

Part 2-Products

2.1 Materials

  1. The finish and seal shall be products that are approved and currently listed on the MFMA Athletic Flooring Sealer and Finish Conformance List.
  1. Sandpaper should consist of at least three grits.
    • First cut (Course grit)
    • Second Cut (Medium grit)
    • Third Cut (Fine grit) ** Follow selected finish manufacturers final cut recommendation to ensure proper adhesion of the finish.
  2. Game Line Paint
    • Game line paint shall be compatible with the floor finish 
  3. Design Diagram
    • Submitted from third party or supplied by Sport Floor Contractor
  4. Finish Application Tools shall be approved by the finish manufacturer

Part 3-Execution

3.1 Inspection

  1. The athletic maple system shall be cleared of athletic material by building officials to ensure the sport floor contractor will have adequate access to the athletic maple system’s surface.
  2. The athletic maple system surface shall be inspected and approved by the Sport Floor Contractor to ensure proper moisture content and eligible to receive a complete resurfacing.
  3. All, if any, repair work on the athletic system shall be completed prior to the start of the sanding process.

3.2 Finishing Procedures (NOTE: Follow selected finish manufacturers recommendations)

  1. Sand the floor using a minimum of three cuts.
    • Floors with many layers of finish may need additional cuts to remove all excess material.
    • Vacuum and Tack the entire athletic floor system between each cut.
    • The floor may need to be tacked and vacuumed multiple times.
  2. Apply coatings per finish manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Paint all court lines, markings, logos, etc.
  4. Abrade the entire surface using a fine grit screen or as recommended by the finish manufacturer.
    • Abrade until the floor is dull and uniform in appearance.
    • Logos and/or markings that are added to the floor by a third party need to be properly abraded by that company to ensure proper adhesion of the floor finish.
    • Vacuum and Tack the entire athletic floor system
  5. Inspect entire floor to insure that surface is acceptable for coating and is completely free from sanding dust.
  6. MFMA recommends screening between all coats of finish that are applied or as recommended by the finish manufacturer.
  7. Follow selected finish manufacturer’s recommendation on time allotted before foot traffic and activities can presume.

3.3 Maintenance

  1. Upon completion of the resurfacing of the athletic maple system, the owners, attendants or individuals in charge are responsible for the upkeep of the building and are to see that the 
    CARE AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MFMA and the flooring manufacturer are followed.
  2. MFMA has published information on daily, weekly, periodic and annual maintenance that is available to architects, specifiers and facility owners and managers at no charge. Additionally, MFMA has produced several videos that address selection, installation and maintenance issues.

Disclaimer: The MFMA provides general information to architects, specifiers and consumers. The MFMA, its members, officers and agents disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or applicability of these guidelines under all circumstances and conditions.

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