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Annual Maintenance/ Refinishing

Annual Maintenance/Refinishing

To preserve the beauty and life of your maple floor, the MFMA recommends that recreational surfaces receive periodic refinishings. Facility use, abuse, and maintenance will determine the appropriate refinishing schedule. Most gymnasium floors should be recoated annually.

Using a properly treated dust mop, thoroughly clean the floor. Before abrading the maple surface, walk the entire area to ensure that all foreign matter has been removed. Disk the floor with a fine-grit screenback or steel wool to abrade the top layer of old finish. Do not use steel wool if applying a water-based urethane product. Touch up any game line paint or markings if necessary, and lightly abrade those areas when dry. Tack rag the entire surface until it is thoroughly clean, paying particular attention to edges and corners. Apply an even coat of finish in accordance with the finish manufacturer's instructions. Allow to thoroughly dry.

Note: If recoating your maple floor on a biannual schedule, application of additional coats of finish may be necessary. See notation under "Finishing" for other precautions to assure long life and excellent performance.

Disclaimer: The MFMA provides general information to architects, specifiers and consumers. The MFMA, its members, officers and agents disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or applicability of these guidelines under all circumstances and conditions.

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