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November 07, 2023

MFMA Mill Inspections – Guaranteed Quality

In the world of maple hardwood sports flooring, the MFMA’s reputation as the leading authoritative source of technical information is distinguished by multiple criteria. 

One of the most important and key differentiators between MFMA member mills and our competitors is our deep commitment to upholding our industry grading standards and ensuring the highest quality product from our membership.

To that end, the MFMA conducts unannounced quarterly member mill inspections to continually validate our mills' adherence to the MFMA standards of excellence. The inspections focus on the MFMA rules governing continuity of specie, millage and grading of MFMA maple flooring. The mills must receive an inspection score of 95 percent or higher to maintain status. A score of less than 95 percent results in a mandatory second inspection and the possibility of staff retraining before a third inspection to maintain MFMA affiliation.

The MFMA seal of approval is not easily acquired and guarantees a quality of product and services that have earned the MFMA our position as the foremost authority.


The unannounced quarterly inspections:

  • Ensure the proper specie (Acer saccharum) hard maple is being used 
  • Ensure flooring is being properly graded
  • Check for proper length distribution by grade
  • Check for proper wood moisture content - kiln dried to between 6% to 9% moisture content
  • Check flooring dimensions to ensure all MFMA maple flooring is milled to the proper tolerances and, therefore, interchangeable



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