MFMA Northern Hard Maple For Your Peace Of Mind

Choosing the floor for your home or business is a big decision.  After all, it sets the stage for everything else and you’re going to have to live with your decision for a long time. So why not place your trust where it belongs, in MFMA northern hard maple?  MFMA maple comes with peace of mind and quality assurance built in.

Natural Beauty

The beauty and quality of this exquisite northern hard maple, unlike other maple species, begins in the remote northern forests above the 35th parallel where shorter growing seasons and long, cold winters produce a densely grained maple with a wide variety of face grades for unprecedented design choices. From grades with a rich, creamy white color and minimal character variation, to grades with dramatic color and maximum natural character variation, there’s a look for every décor.

MFMA – The Nation’s Oldest Manufacturing Trade Association

Since 1897 the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) has been recognized as THE authoritative source of technical and general information on maple flooring. MFMA has attracted a membership of manufacturing mills, installation contractors, distributors and allied product manufacturers who subscribe to the highest standards set by the MFMA.

Exacting Quality Standards

Manufactured exclusively by MFMA certified flooring mills, the MFMA mill number is embossed into the back of every strip of MFMA maple. It is our guarantee that strictly enforced MFMA grading rules, milling tolerances and quality standards have been painstakingly followed in the production of each strip of flooring regardless of the face grade. It assures you that the wood has been properly kiln dried to between 6% to 9% moisture content making each strip more dimensionally stable. It assures you that the finished maple strip has been milled to consistently exact tolerances as mandated by the MFMA.

Third-Party Independent  Inspections

Each MFMA mill is subject to periodic, unannounced third-party inspections to assure strict adherence to MFMA rules governing continuity of specie, milling tolerances and grading of MFMA maple flooring. The Milling Company Manufacturer members of the MFMA have dedicated their production of solid strip maple flooring to the highest levels of quality.

Year after year, installation after installation, MFMA grading rules have assured consistent quality. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact MFMA’s Technical Director at 888-480-9138.
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