MFMA Northern Hard Maple Flooring Fits The Bill

Warm and cozy, or crisp, clean and dramatic, let your imagination run wild. The exquisite beauty of MFMA northern hard maple flooring is highly prized throughout the world. The wide variety of available face grades provide you with unprecedented design choices -  from white creamy colors with minimal character marks that provide a very clean, light and bright setting in any room to ones with dramatic color and natural character variation for a more relaxed looked. This makes MFMA northern maple the right choice for virtually any residential or commercial space. In addition to the variety of face grades, MFMA Mill Manufacturers also provide maple in a variety of widths, and thicknesses to best meet your aesthetic and structural needs.

It all begins in remote northern forests, well above the 35th parallel. Imagine taking a walk through the northern forests where the maple trees encounter intensely cold, long winters, heavy snowfall, and short but idyllic spring, summer and fall growing seasons.  These dramatic seasonal swings impart unique characteristics that are simply not found in more southerly climes or in other soft maple species. The result is a dense, fine-grained and highly durable maple wood that makes a floor like no other. 

As the nation's oldest manufacturing trade association, with more than 125 years of dedicated research to the application, use and manufacturing of maple flooring, you can rest easy knowing that you are also getting the highest quality flooring when you specify MFMA northern hard maple flooring products. These products are produced exclusively by MFMA certified flooring manufacturers and the MFMA certification mark embossed on the underside of every strip certifies that the flooring conforms to the MFMA established standards covering species, quality, milling tolerances and grade. Each piece is also marked with the MFMA mill identification number to assure it is produced by an MFMA certified mill. Without these markings, consumers are not assured the flooring is MFMA northern hard maple or of proper grade and quality. 

Fun Facts: 

Did you know that the very same maple you are putting in your home or business is the most widely specified and installed sports surface in North America and is exported around the world for use in prestigious sport venues? With such a reputation, it’s no wonder that MFMA northern hard maple flooring is rapidly becoming a preferred flooring material for residential and commercial applications as well.

Did you know that all northern hardwood species, maple included, are grown and harvested in a naturally sustainable manner? You see, young maple trees require shade from the mature canopy above them during early growth years. But later on, they need more sunlight to mature. So by selectively harvesting mature trees at the right time, the younger trees have the right environment to mature. This natural silviculture practice actually helps maintain the health of the forest.

If you have any additional questions, please contact MFMA’s Technical Director at 888-480-9138.

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