Building a Better Tomorrow Through Education

The scholarship program encourages educational success in the fields related to the sports flooring business. We appreciate and understand that it takes many trained professionals to make our industry run. The process of turning trees into high-end sports surfaces encompasses numerous skilled hands. And once the sports floors are installed, even more trained professionals use the floors in their careers. We want to support all levels of this process in their educational and career goals.

For 2022-2023 academic year and in celebration of the MFMA's 125th Anniversary, Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association offered five scholarships in the amount of $1,250 each for secondary, advanced, or trade school education. Applicants were considered based on their academic achievement, field of study, and written essay responses. 

MEET 2022-2023 MFMA Scholarship WINNERS!

Jason Carroll
Louisburg College
Major: Biological Conservation

It definitely means a lot to me to have this scholarship. I will be able to focus on success this year instead of stress about finances. I have learned about my own perseverance and have gained faith that there are good people out there willing to help driven kids like myself. It really is so much more than a scholarship to me.  It is a warm blanket on a cold day. It is hope. Thanks again!

Jennifer Molis

UT Southwestern School of Health Professions 
Doctor of Physical Therapy

I am incredibly grateful to the MFMA for selecting me to be a recipient of this scholarship. Thank you for your generous gift and investment in my education. I know that it will make a big difference in alleviating some of the financial stress of physical therapy school for me. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies and becoming the best therapist I can before my future patients. I am so thankful for companies like yours who are dedicated to helping students with their education!

Paige Bullington

North Dakota State University
Major: Architecture

I am extremely grateful for this scholarship and the opportunities it provides for me during my time at NDSU. This scholarship will help pay for my expenses during my academic journey in Pre-Architecture. Because of this scholarship, I will be able to focus on my classes and studies instead of worrying about my financial situation. Roll Herd!

Samantha West
California State Polytechnic University
Major: Kinesiology

Thank you so much for this incredible award! This scholarship is not only an amazing honor but will help me so much this upcoming school year by lessening the financial burden I have so that I can fully focus on my studies in Kinesiology at Cal Poly. Beyond the high cost of tuition, my major includes books that are very costly, and the cost of student living has also increased. Because I rely on loans for all of this, every dollar matters, and this scholarship money will make a huge impact on my overall cost of attendance. I am both humbled and thankful for this generous award.

Zachary Wood
Louisiana Tech University

Major: Architecture

I am beyond grateful to have been selected to win the 2022 MFMA scholarship in the amount of $1250.00. The cost of tuition to attend a school that offers my degree of choice is not affordable. By receiving this scholarship to go towards my tuition, I am able to take out less student loan debt to cover my cost of tuition. It is through financial support offered from businesses, that students today are able to afford their dreams, and not go into crazy debt trying to prepare for the future. I will forever be grateful for Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association for supporting me in my Freshman Year of college.

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