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Wood Treatments

Wood preservatives and fungicides applied to wood products is a common practice for wood products exposed to the elements. It is essential for keeping exterior wood from rotting. However, wood products used indoors, like maple floors and subfloors components, do not need these treatments as they are not intended to be exposed to harsh conditions.

The MFMA no longer recommends Woodlife Products for use on maple floors or wood preservatives or fire retardants on subfloors associated with maple floors.

MFMA does not recommend pressure treating maple flooring or any wood subfloor components with water responded compounds (fire retardant compounds, wolman salts) for two reasons. First, the application of such compounds in maple flooring or wood subfloor components forces the treating compounds and excess moisture into the cells of the material causing them to swell beyond recommended limits. Second, the application of such compounds in maple flooring or wood subfloor components increases the susceptibility to wide moisture content variations due to the inherit nature of the compounds.

Using wood preservative and fungicides on interior wood products can hurt the environment due to gases released during the application, drying and eventual disposal of maple flooring and subfloor wood products.

If you have any additional questions, please contact MFMA’s Technical Director at 888/480- 9138.


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