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Performance Requirements

Why Is Performance Important?

The MFMA Mill Manufacturing Members have been designing sports floor systems for generations. With the evolution of the understanding of the scientific relationship between the athlete and the sports surface, MFMA Mill Manufacturing Members have engineered flooring systems to meet the demands of today’s athletes. These standards reflect the competitive nature of today’s athletes and provide them with the tools to succeed. 

Different Standards For Different Sports

We want nothing to get in the way of the athletes performing at the pinnacle of their abilities. The PUR Standards identifies the performance standards and their optimal performance levels that matter the most for each activity. Playing basketball on an aerobics floor will affect the performance of the athlete. The increased shock absorption can lead to fatigue much quicker than playing on a floor where the ideal shock absorption is designed for basketball. The opposite is true if you are doing aerobics on a portable floor system. The reduced shock absorption could lead the aerobics instructor to end the class early from soreness in the knees and ankles.

Notice: MFMA PUR Standards are designed to provide general performance, uniformity and playability information to architects, specifiers and consumers. MFMA, its members, officers and agents disclaim responsibility for applicability of these standards under all circumstances.

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