1st Basketball Game

The first basketball game was played in Springfield, MA.


1st U.S. Squash Match

The first U.S. squash match was played in Concord, NH, at St. Paul's School.


First Maple Lumbered

The first stumpage stand of northern hard maple was lumbered into flooring.


Maple & Birch Sell for $4

Surface clear maple and birch logs of 12 inches in diameter were sold for $4.00 per thousand feet.


William Horner First in Hardwood Flooring

William Horner became the first manufacturer of northern hardwood flooring.


Maple End Matching

Maple end matching was introduced into the flooring industry.


1st Volleyball Game

William G. Morgan, a 25 year old gym teacher, invented the game of volleyball at the YMCA in Holyoke, MA.


MFMA Founded

MFMA was established to enforce uniform grades and standards of products for the flooring industry.

Dr. Earle 1st MFMA President

Dr. George Washington Earle was elected the first President of the Board of Directors for MFMA (term 1897 - 1911).


Single Pass Flooring Machine

The first single-pass flooring machine was designed.


MFMA Grading Inspections

MFMA began mill grading inspections.


NCAA Established

The NCAA was founded in 1906 to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive athletic practices of the time.


MFMA Architect Literature

MFMA began publishing descriptive literature for architects.


Standard Grading Marking

MFMA establishes supervision of grades and millwork at flooring mills.


Yawkey-Bissell Incorporated

The Yawkey-Bissell Lumber Company was incorporated by W.H. Bissell (President), W.W. Gamble, Sr. (Vice President/GM), A.P. Woodsen (Secretary) and C.C. Yawkey (Treasurer) and purchased 25,000 acres of hardwood and hemlock timber land in Langlade County, Wisconsin.


Horner Flooring Co.

Horner Flooring Co. joined the MFMA.

Print Advertising

MFMA began printed space advertising and called on architects and contractors.


Mills Convert to All-Electric Production

Hardwood flooring mills converted from steam powered belt driven machinery to all-electric production.


Headquarters Moved to Chicago

MFMA Headquarters offices moved to the McCormick Building in Chicago, IL.

Landmark Anti-trust Lawsuit

MFMA won a landmark federal anti-trust lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice. The lawsuit addressed the sharing of historical industry data.

James Thomas

James Thomas was elected MFMA President (term 1926 - 1931).


Selected Brown Grade

Selected Brown Grade was introduced into the flooring market.


Stains Not Practical for Maple

MFMA promoted staining maple in print ads. However, due to changes in the chemical formula of staining products, wood stains do not take well to solid maple and proper techniques were not developed, until recently.  Today, stains are often used to outline details or highlight specific areas within maple sport floors and are commonly used for decorative and design purposes in commercial and residential applications.


Arthur Wells

MFMA elected Arthur Wells as President (term 1932 - 1947).


MFMA Grading Standards

MFMA Grading Standards were established and adopted by members.


Tongue & Groove Face Machine

The one stop tongue and groove/face machine was invented.


Walter Abendroth MFMA President

Walter Abendroth was elected MFMA President (term 1947 - 1952).

MFMA 50th Anniversary

MFMA celebrated its 50th anniversary and members hit production of 4 billion feet of maple beech and birch since 1897.


MFMA Headquarters Moves to Oshkosh, WI

MFMA Headquarters offices moved to Oshkosh, WI.


First Racquetball Game

The first racquetball game was played in Bridgeport, CT.

NBA Established

In the summer of 1949 the six surviving NBL teams were absorbed into the BAA and the league was renamed to the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Linoleum & Carpet Introduced to Market

Linoleum and carpet were introduced as flooring alternatives.

The Baby Boom

The end of WWII brought a need for more schools and gym floors due to the Baby Boom and suburban sprawl.

MFMA Headquarters Move to Chicago

MFMA Headquarters offices moved to Chicago, IL.


Sport Floor Systems Developed

Sport floor "systems" were developed including cushioned systems and rubber pads.


Sport Floor Systems Techniques Developed

End-to-end systems, cushioned underfloors, channel-and-clip techniques were developed into the sports floor market.

Donald DeWitt MFMA President

Donald DeWitt was elected MFMA President (term 1952 - 1957).


Nailing Groove Added

A nailing groove was added to strip flooring and became an industry standard.


Powernail Patented

The first patents were issued to Powernail, reducing time and costs for hardwood flooring installations.


Rubber-Cushioned Subfloor

Rubber-cushioned plywood subfloor were developed.


William W. Gamble President

William W. Gamble was elected President of MFMA (term 1957 - 1961).


Connor Sports Flooring

Connor Sports Flooring joined the MFMA

Rider Sander Patented

Richard Baseman, Sr., received a patent for the first functional "rider sander."


Samuel Wells

Samuel Wells was elected President of MFMA (term 1961 - 1965).


Synthetic Gym Floors

In the 1960s synthetic gym floors were introduced as sports floors.

Mechanically Fastened Systems

Sleeper and padded plywood systems were refined into mechanically fastened systems.


MFMA Summer Meeting

MFMA held the 1964 Summer Board of Directors Meeting on Mackinac Island, MI.


Carl Abendroth

Carl Abendroth was elected MFMA President (term 1965 - 1970).

MFMA Offices Move to Oshkosh, WI

MFMA Headquarters offices moved to Oshkosh, WI.


Wood & Synthetic Flooring Institute

The Wood and Synthetic Flooring Institute (WSFI) was founded from a group of contractors previously regarded as the Wood Flooring Guild, then the Wood Flooring Institute.


Cost of Floor Maintenance

The cost of floor maintenance of a MFMA maple floor was $0.07 per square foot per year.


Portable Sports Floors

In the 1970s portable sports floors became common in many arenas.


Products Introduced to Market

In the 1970s many products such as sheet goods, poured urethane, synthetic grass and carpet were introduced as sports flooring products. MFMA countered this trend with an advertising campaign addressing safety.

John Hamar President

John Hamar was elected MFMA President (term 1971 - 1975).


Finish and Sealers Included on Finish List

MFMA develops finish and sealer test procedures for inclusion on the MFMA Finish List.


William W. Gamble III

William W. Gamble III was elected President of MFMA (term 1976 - 1980).


Robbins Inc.

Robbins Inc. joined the MFMA.

Finish Specifications

MFMA revised finish specifications for floor products.

MFMA Offices Move

In 1977 the MFMA Headquarters offices moved to Glenview, IL.


1st Installation School

MFMA and NOFMA sponsored the first Wood Flooring Installation School.

MFMA Offices Move

The MFMA Headquarters offices move to Chicago, IL, and stay downtown until 1985.


Dept of Agriculture Forestry Div

In the 1980s the Department of Agriculture Forestry Division sponsors trade missions abroad and MFMA begins to establish global recognition.


Allen Harris

Allen Harris was elected MFMA President (term 1981 - 1989).


Dance Athlete

MFMA began to address the specific needs of the "dance athlete" and develops unique flooring systems.

MFMA Finish List

85 floor finishes were included on the MFMA approved finish list.


MFMA Offices Move

MFMA Headquarters offices moved to Northbrook, IL.


Sport Floor Injury Study

A sport floor injury study was commissioned by the MFMA.


Action Floor Systems LLC

Action Floor Systems LLC joined the MFMA.


MFMA Marketing Dues

MFMA began to direct funds toward marketing based on dues paid on the square footage of flooring sold by Mill Manufacturer Members.

James H. Stoehr, Jr.

James H. Stoehr, Jr., was elected MFMA President (term 1990 - 1999).


DIN Testing

DIN testing criteria was recognized by MFMA.

MFMA "The Sports Flooring Authority"

MFMA was accepted as "the sports flooring authority" by the architectural community.


Life Cycle Study

MFMA commissioned a study to determine the life cycle costs for sports flooring.

1st Annual MFMA Conference

MFMA hosted the 1st Annual MFMA Conference for members in Phoenix, AZ.



The MFMA absorbed the Wood & Synthetic Flooring Institute association and its members.

AIA Expo

MFMA exhibited for the first time at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Exposition.


MFMA Adds Assistant Director

Daniel Heney became MFMA Assistant Director working with the Technical Committee, conducting floor inspections and answering technical phone calls.


MFMA 3rd Annual Conference

MFMA holds 3rd Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA.


MFMA 100 Years Old

MFMA celebrated 100 year anniversary.


MFMA 5th Annual Convention

MFMA held 5th Annual Convention in Orlando, FL.


Aacer Flooring

Aacer Flooring joined the MFMA.

MFMA 6th Annual Conference

MFMA held 6th Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

Douglas Hamar

Douglas Hamar was elected MFMA President (term 1999 - 2003).


MFMA 7th Annual Conference

MFMA held 7th Annual Conference in St. Petersburg, FL.


MFMA 8th Annual Conference

MFMA held 8th Annual Conference in Huntington Beach, CA.

Finger Jointed and Parquet Become Official

Finger jointed and parquet became official MFMA products and MFMA Grading Rules were developed for each.


MFMA Hall of Fame

MFMA inducts the Inaugural Class for the Hall of Fame and inductee plaques are presented to mill representatives. Class inductees include; Albert H. Abendroth, Walter C. Abendroth, Charles H. Anderson, Otto Berk, Morley Foster, Sam Horner and William Horner.

MFMA 9th Annual Conference

MFMA held 9th Annual Conference in Miami Beach, FL.


MFMA 10th Annual Meeting

MFMA held 10th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Floyd Shelton

Floyd Shelton was elected MFMA President (term 2003 - 2006).


MFMA 11th Annual Conference

MFMA held 11th Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.


Heather Gagnon Currier Joins MFMA Staff

Heather Gagnon Currier joined the MFMA staff as Marketing Communications Director.


MFMA Board of Directors

MFMA Board of Directors photo taken at the Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, FL.

MFMA 2006 Conference

MFMA held conference in Fort Myers, FL, and moves conference from annual to biennial format.

Thomas Abendroth

Thomas Abendroth was elected MFMA President (term 2006 - 2009).


WD Flooring

WD Flooring joined the MFMA.


MFMA 2008 Conference

MFMA 2008 Conference held in San Diego, CA.

MFMA Contributes to the Hardwood Federation

The Hardwood Federation is an industry trade association, representing U.S. hardwood businesses and acting as the industry's advocacy voice on Capitol Hill.

Daniel Heney Becomes Executive Director

Daniel F. Heney was promoted to MFMA Executive Director.

MFMA Offices Move

MFMA Headquarter offices move to Deerfield, IL.


MFMA Wins Green Decade Honor

MFMA was awarded the Building of America Green Decade Plaque of Honor 2000 - 2009.

James Stoehr, III

James Stoehr, III was elected MFMA President (term 2009 - 2011).


PUR Standards

MFMA PUR Standards were introduced to the market and architectural community.

MFMA 2010 Conference

MFMA held 2010 Conference in Destin, FL.


Jon Isaacs

MFMA elected Jon Isaacs as President (term 2012 - 2014).

MFMA 2012 Conference

MFMA held 2012 conference in Rancho Mirage, CA


MFMA 2014 Conference

MFMA held 2014 Conference in San Antonio, TX


Douglas Hamar

MFMA elected Douglas Hamar as President (term 2015 - 2017)


MFMA 2016 Conference

MFMA held 2016 Conference in Orlando, FL.


MFMA 2018 Conference

MFMA held 2018 Conference in La Jolla, CA.


MFMA Offices Move to Gurnee, Il

MFMA moves Headquarters offices to Gurnee, IL.


Dan Corullo

Dan Corullo of Action Floor Systems becomes President of the MFMA.

MFMA 2020 Conference was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.