WSFI strongly recommends consulting with your WSFI Sport Floor Contractor or WSFI Synthetic Floor Supplier for proper procedures when introducing heavy portable equipment or static loads to your floor. WSFI does not set a specified static or rolling load limit as these limitations vary drastically from product to product. 
Synthetic flooring systems function well under normal loads, however exceeding load limitations can have detrimental effects. Excessive loading like those resulting from the use of high point load scissor lifts, bleachers, basketball goals, carts and staging can lead to surface degradation and/or weaken structural components leading to system failure.
If placing portable equipment or static loads on your synthetic floors, WSFI strongly recommends consulting your WSFI Floor Contractor or your WSFI Synthetic Floor Supplier for their recommended procedures for protecting your synthetic floor.
Note: Do not leave heavy loads on the floor overnight or for extended periods. Carbon based tires will stain polyurethane floors.
If you have any additional questions, please contact WSFI’s Technical Director at 888-480-9138 or email
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