Adequate adhesion is crucial to proper performance of a synthetic floor. During installation, steps should be taken to ensure maximum adhesion. Refer to your WSFI Synthetic Flooring Supplier’s recommendations.
Curing compounds or sealants should never be used. Curing compounds and sealants when added to the concrete mix or applied to the concrete surface can affect proper adhesion of the synthetic floor to the concrete slab.
The owner or general contractor should provide assurance to the WSFI Sport Floor Contractor in writing that no concrete curing compounds or sealants have been used prior to installation. If curing compounds or sealants have been used, WSFI recommends contacting your WSFI Sport Floor Contractor or WSFI Synthetic Floor Supplier for corrective methods to ensure proper adhesion of the synthetic floor to the concrete slab.
WSFI recommends referring to the most up to date version of ASTM F710 and/or contact the American Concrete Institute (ACI) referring to concrete compounds and sealants for slabs receiving synthetic flooring.
For more information regarding concrete compounds and sealants, please contact WSFI’s Technical Director at 888-480-9138 or email
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