The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association does not recommend the use of automated power scrubbing equipment for your maple floor.

The use of power scrubbing equipment may void warranties provided by your MFMA maple flooring system manufacturer, finish manufacturer, and / or sports flooring contractor. Before incorporating the use of an automated power scrubber into your general maintenance program, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association strongly recommends reviewing your warranty and maintenance documentation provided by your MFMA sports floor contractor and /or MFMA maple manufacturer. The use of a power scrubber may nullify your floor’s warranty.

The use of automated power scrubbing equipment may lead to the following negative effects on your maple floor:

Possible adverse effects on the maple boards and subfloor components:

  • Gapping between boards due to excessive expansion followed by shrinkage
  • Splintering and Shaling of boards due to repeated wetting via scrubbing
  • Tripping hazard of uneven board edges caused by cupping or crowning
  • Discoloration of maple flooring

Possible adverse effects on the floor finish and paint:     
  • Chipping and peeling of paint and finish
  • Dull finish appearance
  • Slip & Fall Safety due to changes in the coefficient of friction
  • Premature finish wear.
  • Peeling of annual recoat finish resulting from cross-contamination by maintenance products used on other floor surfaces

Possible Equipment Issues:
  • Inadequate water extraction heightens potential for floor damage
  • Leaky hoses, fittings, or battery
  • Improperly designed or damaged deck heads may damage floors

A significant number of flooring issues found during inspections by MFMA staff have been directly attributed to the use of power scrubbers. Therefore, it is critical to verify how the use of power scrubbers may affect installer and/or manufacturers warranties.  Please direct all warranty and maintenance questions to your MFMA sports flooring contractor or MFMA maple flooring manufacturer.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact MFMA’s Technical Director at 888-480-9138.


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