Type of Wood: Sugar maple / hard

Specific Gravity: .56 - .63

Modulus of Rupture (p.s.i.): 9400 - 15800

Modulus of Elasticity (million p.s.i.): 1.65 - 1.88

Work to Maximum Load (inch -lb / cu. in.): 13.3 - 16.5

Impact Bending — height of drop causing complete failure (in.): 40 - 39

Compression Parallel to Grain maximum crushing strength (p.s.i.): 4020 - 7830

Compression Perpendicular to Grain fiber stress at proportional limit (p.s.i.): 640 - 1479

Shear Parallel to Grain maximum shearing strength (p.s.i.): 1460 - 2330

Side Hardness load perpendicular to grain (lb.): 970 - 1450

Relative Hardness (ranked by the Janka hardness rating): 1450
12% harder than Northern Red Oak.

Relative Stability (ranked by dimensional change coefficient): .00353
4% more stable than Northern Red Oak.

Color: Heartwood is creamy white to light reddish brown; sapwood is pale to creamy white.

Durability: Dense, strong, tough, stiff, excellent shock resistance, markedly wear resistant.

Workability: Density makes it very difficult to saw; sands satisfactorily. Nailing: fair resistance to splitting; good holding ability. Finishing: takes neutral finish well; does not stain uniformly.

Flame Spread Index (ASTM-E84): 104

Smoke Developed Index (S.D.I): 157

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Revised 02/05
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