Throughout its history, MFMA has attracted a membership of firms who subscribe to the high standards of quality for which the association stands. Each MFMA mill is subject to regular, unannounced third-party inspections to assure strict adherence to MFMA rules governing continuity of species, millage and grading of MFMA maple flooring. One of MFMA’s functions is to assure end users that all finished product is of the highest quality available.

MFMA also provides Site Inspection Services on MFMA floors to address installation or post-installation issues to avoid serious difficulties. In the unlikely event that an on-site inspection is required, inspection and evaluation by highly qualified MFMA staff is available. It is not available on floors that are not MFMA.

Some non-MFMA maple manufacturers claim their product matches up to MFMA maple in appearance, but remember that appearance is only skin deep — it’s what’s behind the product that counts. Development and consistent enforcement of strict manufacturing, grading, packaging, shipping and installation standards are key to providing a quality product. The MFMA trademark is your assurance that these standards have been met.
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