Thank you for contacting the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association in regards to the effects of waxing your floor.

MFMA does not recommend the use of wax to seal or finish maple floors.  MFMA certifies several types of floor coatings and they can be found on our web site at: 

Using wax to seal/finish a gymnasium floor raises safety concerns.  The coefficient of friction of wax over maple flooring is not known.  All floor finishes found on the MFMA Floor Finish and Conformance List must meet a minimum coefficient of friction of .50.  Waxing the floor could make it too slippery, which could result in injury.

The use of wax could also result in compatibility concerns if the floor is coated with a urethane in the future.  Those compatibility concerns could result in finish peeling, adhesion problems and finish failure.
Disclaimer: The MFMA provides general information to architects, specifiers and consumers. The MFMA, its members, officers and agents disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or applicability of these guidelines under all circumstances and conditions.
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