How many times can a floor be sanded down to bare wood?

09/14/2018 There are numerous factors that impact the life of an MFMA maple flooring system.  Sanding is obviously the most essential.  Typically, the installation sanding will remove a full 1/32" of maple thickness above the tongue.  Future sandings typically do not remove any more than 1/32" of thickness.  As a result, a properly maintained 25/32" MFMA maple floor will provide four to six additional sandings after installation.  Following our recommended maintenance schedule, this  projects to a life span of at least 30-40 years or more. A properly maintained 33/32" MFMA maple floor will provide eight to ten sandings and has a life span of 60 years or more. A typical MFMA maintenance schedule calls for an annual finish recoat and a complete resurfacing every 8-10 years, depending on facility use.
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