The MFMA PUR Standards utilize ASTM Test Standards when testing the performance and uniformity of a maple sport floor.

For additional information on MFMA testing procedures, contact MFMA Headquarters or any of the MFMA Mill Manufacturing members on their system(s) that have been tested in accordance with the MFMA PUR Standards.

Area of Deflection

  ASTM F2157-09
Areas of deflection shall be evaluated in four axis directions (0°/90°/180°/270°) extending from each test point a distance of 500mm (19.7"). Calculate percentage comparison of average deflection at each axis point as compared to average deflection simultaneously occurring at test point when conducting ASTM F2157-09 for Vertical Deflection. 

Basketball Rebound

  ASTM F2117-10 
Standard Test Method for Vertical Rebound Characteristics of Sports Surface/Ball Systems; Acoustical Measurements shall be used to determine MFMA PUR compliance. 

Shock Absorption

  ASTM F2569-07
Using a test device, a series of 3 drops is made on each test point. A 40 lb weight is dropped onto a stiff spring over a load cell that is connected to a solid foot. The weight is dropped from a set height and strikes the top of the stiff spring/load cell/solid foot which is set onto the floor surface. The load cell receives the impact and transfers the impulse to a computer. It is then processed onto a percentage of what the same impact would have on concrete.

Surface Friction

  ASTM D 2047 
Since this is really a function of the particular floor finish applied to the sport flooring surface this test involves the floor finish product applied to three 9 x 9 inch maple panels instead of the actual test floor. Using the James Machine, run 4 cycles on each panel, turning the panel 90° after each cycle. The surface friction value is determined by averaging the values of all 12 cycles.

Vertical Deflection

  ASTM F2157-09
Standard Specification for Synthetic Running Tracks shall be used to determine MFMA PUR compliance. The distance between the drop weight and top of the spring shall be adjusted to 120 ± 0.25mm as stated in the test method.

Notice: MFMA PUR Standards are designed to provide general performance, uniformity and playability information to architects, specifiers and consumers. MFMA, its members, officers and agents disclaim responsibility for applicability of these standards under all circumstances.
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