"MFMA: Rising Stars to Watch" is a monthly program that shines the spotlight on an MFMA member's employee chosen for each month from all nominated individuals. The program is open for all membership types and accepts nominations all year long.

We at MFMA see the "rising stars" as those employees who, despite being comparatively new to the industry, are caring, dedicated, demonstrate excellent work ethic and strong character, continually master their job skills and knowledge, and set a great example for their peers.

To nominate your employee or an employee of another organization, please send the following information to this email address: 

1) Full name of the nominated person

2) His/her job title and a company's name & website address

3) Your company's name

4) A statement on why you selected this person

5) A photo or several photos of this person in a good resolution (if possible, at the job site).

Individuals that are chosen will be featured on MFMA’s website, e-newsletter, and social media. 

Should you need any further information regarding this program, please contact Irina Moskaluk.

* There is a 3-month summer break in June, July and August, with the program resuming in September. 

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