Stalker-1-(1).jpeg The "Face of MFMA" is a quarterly initiative where we interview our members and ask them to share some perspective on their job, organization, daily life, and how they are making an impact on the sports flooring industry.

We are delighted to introduce our Fall 2021 Face of MFMA, Steve Stalker, and share his insights in the interview below. 

MFMA: How did you get started in the sports floor industry? 
Steve Stalker: Well, like most people in this industry, I was born into it. I went with my dad to different projects to spend time with him when I was young and fell in love with the business. Yes, my mother did have me checked to make sure I was not crazy.
MFMA: Who was the biggest influence in your career? 
SS: Oh, I have been blessed to have a lot of great people influence me. The biggest were my parents. My Dad taught me to work hard, respect everyone, but also have fun on the job site. I also saw how he treated people and made all his clients feel special. My Mom brought a different quality of caring for people and doing the right thing for others. I was also blessed to have several different coaches who taught me a form of discipline: no one will outwork me; when most are feeling tired, I'm just getting started. Floyd Shelton taught me different methods of sales. Last is my wife; seeing how amazing she is just makes me want to work harder and be more successful.
MFMA: How does your company help the sports flooring industry? 
SS: I feel we just try to do things the right way - a trait my Parents taught me. I feel we try to help others in this industry. It's a small world, and while I have competitors, they are still people like myself just trying to make a living. So, if anyone calls with a question, we try to help answer their question. 
MFMA: What do you feel are your keys to success? 
SS: Hard work, great employees, and making each client feel that they are our number one customer. Employees who take pride in their workmanship.
MFMA: What one thing has impacted the sports flooring industry the most in your career? 
SS: There are several: a riding sander, pneumatic tools, weed wacker lines, but the biggest would be the internet. 
MFMA: Do you have a saying or mantra that helps you stay motivated or motivate others? 

SS: Well, I guess our saying is to tell our customers they are our number one customer in their town. The other thing is we talk with our employees about doing their best and taking pride in the job they are doing.
MFMA: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen done to a sports flooring surface? 
SS: I have been in this business for a long time, so I have seen a lot. The top three things would be a school putting a blue tarp down on a gym, spraying water on it, and doing a slip and slide. Another would be again a blue tarp down on a gym and a principal thinking it was a good idea to put a dunk tank on the gym for three days. Then there is a university that thought it would be a great idea to have a circus in their gym with an elephant and water hoses. 
MFMA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
SS: Like many, I most likely will be doing the same thing. I will only be 64. But I do see myself slowing down and my two sons Matthew and Michael and nephew Eric taking over the day-to-day activities of our business. So, I know Stalker Sports Floors will be in great hands. 

Steve Stalker
Stalker Sports Floors

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