MFMA: How did you get your start in the sports floor industry?
JM: I first started in the sports floor industry back in 2005. I was in need of a job and ended up applying at Aacer Flooring. I started with an entry level job and about 2 years into it, I was promoted to a trainer. Then a few years later I was promoted to a lead position. I did that for a few years until a supervisor position opened up and I was promoted to the first shift production supervisor. After several years of being the production supervisor I was offered a position in customer service. I am now the customer service coordinator.
MFMA: Who was the biggest influence in your career?
JM: I can’t name just one person that was an influence in my career but multiple people. I have had great people to work with, to push me, to offer experiences I never thought I could do. I am grateful for the people of Aacer.
MFMA: How does your company help the sports flooring industry?
JM: Aacer helps the sports flooring industry tremendously by being a world leader in high performance recreational wood sports floor system design. We offer several different floors to suit whatever the need might be. Being MFMA certified certainly sets us apart from the rest. Our flooring is amazing and the finished product is beautiful.
MFMA: What do you feel are your keys to success?
JM: My keys to success would be the knowledge that I have obtained over the years. I believe starting at the bottom and working my way to where I am now has helped me to completely understand what we do, how we do it and what it takes to remain successful.
MFMA: What one thing has impacted the sports flooring industry the most in your career?
JM: I believe that dedication is the one thing that impacted my career in the sports flooring industry. You have to be dedicated to your customers and know what their needs are. Over the years you develop a relationship with them. A friendship. They need to know that you care and that you will do what it takes to get them what they need, when they need it. If you aren’t dedicated to your career, you aren’t making any kind of impact.
MFMA: Do you have a saying or mantra that helps you stay motivated or motivate others?
JM: Since I was a supervisor, I’ve had a little sign on my desk that says, “Today’s agenda: Get Through It”. To me, that means that no matter what gets thrown at you, just sit back, think it out and get through it. There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished or resolved.
MFMA: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen done to a sports flooring surface?
I can’t say that I have seen anything weird done to a sports floor….yet. I have seen weird things happen to a sports floor due to flood damage. The floor became warped and wavy. It reminded me of a fun house effect.
MFMA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
JM: I still have many more work years ahead of me, I hope to still see myself working for Aacer doing what I am doing now.
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