MFMA: How did each of you get your start in the sports floor industry?
Seamus Curran: I was born into it.  My grandfather started sanding and lining gyms in 1951. I’ve been around it all my life. I worked in the field summers with my Dad when I was in high school and the office with my mom when I was in college.
Jerry Curran: I was born into it.  I started going on jobs with my Dad when I was twelve. In 1974 I joined the business, and my Dad taught me residential and gymnasium sanding, finishing, and repairs.  My Dad passed away when I was 25, just before our company did our first gym installation. 
MFMA: Who was the biggest influence in your careers?

SC: My parents and our old estimator Dick Schneider. Both my parents taught me the meaning of hard work and sacrifice; my dad worked 7 days a week often out of town till I was 7 while my mom raised me and my brother and managed the office. On technical ends, my dad taught me the field and the history of the trade (how they did things back in the day), and my mom taught me the office, documentation, how to fill out transmittals, etc. When I first started in the office, our estimator Dick Schneider really took me under his wing and taught me how to read plans, specifications, do takeoffs, and, most importantly, how to take what I knew from working into the field into the office.

JJC: My Father Jerome Curran Sr.
MFMA: How does your company help the sports flooring industry?
SC: We are a flooring contractor with wood flooring being the main focus. 
JJC: I participate in social media chat groups with other wood flooring contractors.   It is a great way to share knowledge with the younger generation and war stories with my age group.
MFMA: What do each of you feel are your keys to success?
SC: Work both Hard and Smart. 
JJC: Consistent Quality and Hard Work.
MFMA: What one thing has impacted the sports flooring industry the most in each of your careers?
SC: The push to lower the environmental impact, particularly the move to lower voc finishes, which caused a lot of issues, especially when the limits first went down.
JJC: Increased competition, everyone and their brother has tried to install gyms at one point or another with no clue how to do it.
MFMA: Do either of you have a saying or mantra that helps you stay motivated or motivate others?
SC: Not really.

JJC: Do it Right the first time.
MFMA: What is the weirdest thing either of you have ever seen done to a sports flooring surface?
SC: On the subfloor/construction end the Springaire subfloor system, it was one of the first actual resilient systems, but it used leaf-springs (think truck springs) as the resilient component and squeaked like nothing else as a result.  When I look at logos and graphics, there are too many to choose from with insane designs we have seen in the last few years.
JJC: A few years ago, we ripped out an old floor that was made from thin strips of alternating Doughlas Fir Heartwood/Sapwood laminated together to form boards.
MFMA: Where do each of you see yourself in 10 years?
SC: Running the company.

JJC: Semi-retired, taking the winter off to go RVing somewhere warm.
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