IMG_9802.jpgThe "Face of MFMA" is a quarterly initiative where we interview our members and ask them to share some perspective on their job, organization, daily life, and how they are making an impact on the sports flooring industry.

We are pleased to announce our Spring '22 Face of MFMA, Alex Verseman, and share his insights in the interview below.


MFMA:  How did you get started in the sports floor industry? 

Alex Verseman: Family. My grandfather, father, and uncle all worked in the industry. 
MFMA:  Who was the biggest influence in your career? 

AV: I’ve been blessed to have two that led me to where I am today.  Walter Verseman (Grandpa) and Kent Verseman (father).  My Grandpa showed me what the industry could provide for your family and my dad showed me the hard work ethic it takes to get there.
MFMA:  How does your company help the sports flooring industry? 

AV: By focusing on quality.  We strive to set the bar and continue to raise it as innovations hit our industry.
MFMA:  What do you feel are keys to success? 

AV: Our employees and an open mindset to a relatively old trade.
MFMA:  What one thing has impacted the sports flooring industry the most in your career? 

AV: The Great Recession (2007-2009).  Like others in our industry, we felt a pressure from the shrinking economy and other floor contractors entering the sport floor world due to lack of commercial work.  We had to make hard decisions and figure out what set us apart from others.  While this was painful, it pushed us to be better and left a memory of how tough things can be.
MFMA:  Do you have a saying or mantra that helps you stay motivated or motivate others?  

AV: It’s not really something that is said, but I strive to treat everyone with respect.  Whether it be an employee, a client, or even the mail carrier - everyone deserves it.  We all play a part in this world and the better we respect each other and work together, the more success there will be for all.
MFMA:  What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen done to a sports flooring surface?

AV: I haven’t personally seen it but have heard of a donkey basketball event in the Southern Illinois years ago. When asked how the floor would hold up to something like this I just thought, is this a joke?  My mind went to weight loads and the hooves, but on the way home I thought of the mess that would be left behind.  I’m guessing they aren’t “house-broken”. Not sure if it ever happened, but there wasn’t a “call back”. 
MFMA:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

AV: Depends on if I hit a Powerball between now and then…kidding. I hope to still be actively involved in the industry and a proud husband and father to our children.

Alex Verseman
Missouri Floor Co

About Alex

Alexander Kent Verseman was born in St. Louis, MO and grew up in St. Charles, MO.
Alex graduated from University of Central Missouri with a degree in Business Management. He went to work at Missouri Floor Company during the summers starting in high school and continued through college. Missouri Floor Company is a family owned and operated floor contractor established in 1910. They specialize in wood flooring in the Residential and Commercial markets. Upon graduation, Alex went to work full time at Missouri Floor Company in residential and sport floor sales/project management. In 2015, Alex was promoted to Vice President.
In 2014, Alex began working with Tri-State Floors, Inc. in an advisory role. Tri-State Floors specialized in wood and synthetic sport and performing art surfaces throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas. Over the years, Alex has become Vice President for the company.
Alex met his wife Ashley while they studied at UCM. They married in 2009 and have been blessed with three children: Cole, Hadley, and Tate.
Alex currently serves as Vice President of the Flooring Industry Council in St. Louis. Alex also continues to serve on the executive committee of the Church Leadership team of his Church and School.
Aside from the flooring world, Alex enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family. Back to top