The scholarship program encourages educational success in the fields related to the sports flooring business. We appreciate and understand that it takes many trained professionals to make our industry run. The process of turning trees into high-end sports surfaces encompasses numerous skilled hands. And once the sports floors are installed, even more trained professionals use the floors in their careers.  We want to support all levels of this process in their educational and career goals.

MFMA offers five annual scholarships for secondary, advanced, or trade school education. Applicants are considered based on academic achievements, the field of study, and written essay responses. Applications will be reviewed by the MFMA Sports Floor Contractor Advisory Council and approved by the MFMA Board of Directors.

Typically, the amount offered for each scholarship is $1,000. In 2022, however, MFMA celebrates its 125th Anniversary, and we are kicking off the festivities with a special "anniversary-themed" amount of $1,250 for each of the five scholarships! 

Please Visit this page for the program details and spread the word about the program to everyone who could benefit! 

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