The Short Answer is No! 

MFMA maple flooring is a renewable resource. Here are some details that you may find of interest:

  • There are 737 million acres of forests in the United States — one-third of the nation.
  • Hardwoods have increased in every region of the United States. Every day, the forest industry, together with federal and state forest agencies, plants over 1.5 billion more trees.
  • Forest Statistics of the United States, 2002, shows that the U.S. grows 6 times more hardwoods than are harvested each year.
  • Wood is the only natural resource on Earth that is at once renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and reusable. The energy required to grow our timber supply is free. It comes from the sun.
  • Although wood accounts for almost half of the total annual industrial raw material tonnage consumed in the United States, lumber and wood products manufacturing processes account for only about 4% of energy consumed by U.S. industrial raw material manufacturers.
  • More than 1.7 million Americans are employed in the forest products industry. Many millions more who are employed in the home construction, home furnishing, transportation and heavy equipment industries, owe their jobs to this one basic industry that converts harvested timber to finished products.

This information is provided by Evergreen Magazine and the National Hardwood Lumber Association's Forest Resource Fact Book.
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