MFMA PUR Standards

Within the last 20 years, there has been a movement within the sports flooring industry to quantify performance characteristics that best define “a good sports floor.” As a result, our industry has hundreds of different sports flooring systems each with varying levels of performance. Within this range of system options, there are some common performance characteristics that the industry has recognized as being most desired and important.

MFMA’s PUR Standards focus on shock absorption, vertical deflection, area of deflection, ball bounce and surface friction. These standards have been designed, utilizing exacting testing methodologies, to ensure that customers receive a reliable, well performing and competitive sports surface.

No one knows more about how a good floor should perform and how it should be installed than the MFMA members. As an organization representing the worldwide sports flooring industry, our goal is to balance technical standards with practical flooring system design in order to create uniform standards of performance for competition sports floors.

When a specific flooring system is a MFMA PUR Compliant floor, it is understood that testing is on a strict pass/fail evaluation. In order to minimize confusion that exists around floor testing, the MFMA will only allow the use of the term “compliant” as it pertains to its PUR testing; either a floor is compliant and passes the standards or it does not.

Like all performance standards, there are tradeoffs between individual standards depending on the intended use. Carefully selected criteria will help you choose the characteristics that are most appropriate for the activities being performed on your floor.

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