Putting it All Together 

You have an idea of the types of subfloor systems available, and probably already have a couple of options in mind for your project. You are also familiar with a variety of maple surface materials, and can explain the differences to your customer. The next important step is matching your chosen MFMA subfloor system with an appropriate MFMA maple surfacing product.

Many subfloor systems and maple surface materials are designed to be specified together. Ask your MFMA Maple Mill Manufacturing Company representative if your chosen subfloor and maple surface are compatible.

The following worksheet was developed to assist architects and specifiers in working through the most common decision factors encountered when evaluating MFMA subfloor systems and MFMA surfacing materials. This worksheet summarizes the information detailed elsewhere in this Buyer's Guide, and can serve as an important tool to assist in the selection of the most appropriate subfloor design and surface materials for a particular installation. Copy this worksheet, and use it on all of your projects for which a sports flooring design decision needs to be made. 

The Specification Worksheet is available for download as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. To view this file, you will need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

Maple Subfloor System Specification Worksheet

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