Please note: This Position Statement is only valid for Residential applications. Not intended for Sport Flooring Applications. 

The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association does not recommend the use of water, steam or oil soap for general, daily, or weekly maintenance procedures for your wood floor. The use of water, steam or oil soap may void warranties. Before cleaning your wood floor, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association strongly recommends reviewing all warranty information provided to you.

MFMA recommends that your wood floor be maintained by sweeping the floor with a dry, untreated dust mop. Several cleaning products are available at grocery, hardware and home improvement stores, but be sure to consult your MFMA Installer for recommended cleaning products.  Always wipe up spills or any moisture on the floor.  You should inspect your floor seasonally for tightening or shrinkage. During wet weather, check for water leakage around doors and windows.

Caution: The use of water, steam, oil soaps, liquid or wax pastes and cleaning products that contain lemon oil, tung oil, silicone or ammonia for general, daily, or weekly maintenance procedures may lead to specific side effects such as splintering, excessive shrinkage and expansion, splitting of individual pieces of wood flooring, cupping, wood rot, finish contamination, premature/excessive finish wear, chipping and peeling of finish, water marks, dull, cloudy or gray appearance and slippery floors.

Please direct all warranty questions and/or concerns to your MFMA Installer.

Permanent heat, light and ventilation shall be installed and operating before, during and after installation, controlling a temperature range of 55 to 75 degrees and a relative humidity range compatible with expected environmental conditions when the home is occupied. (Maintaining a maximum 15 percent difference between high and low humidity levels). Expected minimum/maximum indoor relative humidity will depend upon home design, geographic location, and HVAC systems and operating schedules. Consult your local MFMA Installer for specific information.

If you have additional questions, please contact MFMA’s Technical Director at 888-480-9138.

Disclaimer: The MFMA Residential Flooring Brochure has been designed to provide general information to homeowners, specifiers, distributors and other consumers. The MFMA, its members, officers and agents disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or applicability of these guidelines under all circumstances and conditions.
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