University of Tulsa

Year Completed
Tulsa, OK
Z Floor Co.
Connor Sport Flooring
PoloPlaz World Class Sanding Sealer, PoloPlaz NSB Sealer and PoloPlaz Express
The facility
University of Tulsa approached Z Floor Co. with concerns of athletic injuries possibly caused by older technology in their basketball floors. After a visit to Z Floor's state-of-the-art showroom the univeristy purchased an Anchor Rezil Sleeper DIN basketball floor from Connor Sport Flooring and Z Floor. This new floor contains a "sleeper system" constructed of 3/4" Rezil rubber pads and plywood sleepers, elevating the floor and providing more cushion for shock absorption. An oversized logo declaring the schools name adorns center court. The floors playing area was topped with a water based finish while the border was topped with an oil based finish giving it an elegant clean and stained feel. 
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