Daniel Heney

Daniel F. Heney

Executive Vice-President

Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
Dan Heney joined MFMA in 1995 as the Technical Director and was promoted to Executive Director in 2008. He currently serves as the Executive Vice-President of the MFMA.  Dan is responsible for providing the architectural and specifying communities a resource for unbiased information. He provides technical assistance on pre-installation, installation and post installation issues. Additional responsibilities and accomplishments include implementation of the MFMA Accredited Installers Program, a program that educates floor installers on proper installation techniques, knowledge and development of the MFMA Grading Rules and MFMA PUR Performance Standards. He has performed more than 250 field inspections on maple floors in the United States and Canada. As Executive Vice-President, Dan is responsible for all financial, legal and reporting aspects of the association. With his staff, he has led and accomplished the mission of the MFMA to be the authoritative source of technical and general information about maple flooring and related sports flooring systems.
Dan attended and graduated from the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers/National Wood Flooring Association’s Installation School in 1996, earned a Certificate in Association Management and has an architectural background. He was previously employed in the commercial building industry where he learned the construction process through hands-on experience. Currently, Dan resides in Antioch, Illinois, with his wife and two sons. 

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