Class of 2002

Otto Berk
Connor Sports Flooring Corporation is proud to nominate Otto Berk as a charter member of the MFMA Hall of Fame.
Otto spent his lifetime promoting MFMA maple installations, both as a contractor and as a sales manager for Connor. Throughout his career, Otto was involved in the sale and installation of numerous prestigious installations in New York and on the east coast through his contracting companies, and as Connor's Northeast sales manager.
Otto's family started Otto Berk Flooring Company in New York City in 1932. From 1932 through 1953, Otto Berk Flooring Company was involved in such MFMA installations as Yale University, Princeton University, and the residences of both the Vanderbilt family and John D. Rockfeller.
In 1953, Otto took over the family business, and renamed it Otto Berk and Sons. In 1960, Otto grew his business by acquiring the Haywood Company, and called the combined company Haywood Berk Company.
Thru Haywood Berk, Otto continued to promote MFMA maple. Installations that Otto Berk is credited with through Haywood Berk are the New York Knicks, Adelphi College, the NBA National Headquarters, the Getty Museum, Lincoln Center in New York, JFK Center in Washington, D.C., Chase Manhattan Bank, and the New York City Board of Education.
As the Northeast sales manager for Connor, Otto was a mentor to many MFMA flooring contractors who are flourishing, and promoting our industry today. Otto still maintains strong relationships with architects, contractors and end-users. In 1993, Connor recognized Otto's contributions and commitment to the industry by naming its Atlanta Design and Performance Center The Otto Berk Center.
Connor recommends Otto Berk for the MFMA Hall of Fame based on his longevity in the industry, commitment to the MFMA, his influence on generations of sales people and contractors in the industry, and his character as an individual.
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