Class of 2018

Lewis R. BoscoLewis R. Bosco was born on November 20, 1940 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. His father was a coal miner and moved the Bosco family to Cadogan, Pennsylvania when Lew was 12 years old. The family remained there and Lew attended and graduated from Ford City High School in 1958. From there, he attended Indiana State University to study chemistry, physics and math. He fell in love at the age of 18 and married Barbara J. Bordick in 1961. Lew and Barbara went on to have three children, Lewis, John and Gina. He and Barbara will be celebrating their 57th anniversary this year.

Lew expanded his working knowledge of the flooring industry – from the science of wood properties to finishes and adhesives. A patent was issued in Lewis Bosco’s name for the construction of 12x12 parquet tile in 1983. Lew also helped as an instructor for the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association teaching the pros and cons of installation adhesives available at the time.

Horner Flooring Company was where Lew worked the longest, for 16 years, and these were the most edifying years of his career. It gave him the opportunity to work with all segments of the industry including owners, architects, general contractors, installers and most importantly, customers. During this time, Lew was also a representative for Horner Flooring on the MFMA Marketing Committee. At Horner, he had the privilege of developing many personal relationships with almost all Horner’s customers, as well as other professionals, in the flooring industry. At Horner, he finally found a place where all his efforts were truly appreciated and he cannot say enough about the entire Hamar family.

At the age of 65, in 2005, Lew retired. Then, in 2014, left the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and bought a house in Woodland Park, Colorado to be closer to his son Lewis and daughter-in-law Julie. Lew says that after being retired for 12 years he has absolutely no regrets, and can look back on his past working history with great satisfaction and with gratitude toward all his past associates.

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