By  on February 20, 2017

Those dreaded words…”We are behind”

Three words you don’t want to hear in the midst of a facility project. Inevitably, projects get behind for reasons out of our control. Delays in soil testing, production and weather snowball and affect the timeline.

If your project is behind, don’t cave into the temptation to rush the process. Pressuring contractors to play catch-up can compromise the project’s integrity.

As one of the last subs on the project, gym floor installers feel the greatest heat. Before they can install one piece of maple, prep work has to get done. Assist the gym floor installer to minimize any further delays:

  1. Communicate. Keep the installer apprised of the schedule. Invite them to project meetings leading up to installation.
  1. Consult. Discuss what conditions need to be met prior to the start of installation. For example: proper dryness of the concrete slab; painting and lighting are complete; maintaining the proper environment before, during and after installation.
  1. Document. Be sure the installer gives you the proper documentation for work done before and during the installation. If a problem arises later and documentation does not exist, it can void any warranty.

Eliminate hearing “we are behind” by keeping communication open with your contractors.

Aacer Sports Flooring, a MFMA Member Mill, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance hardwood flooring and sub-floor systems for the sports and recreational industry. Wood is kiln-dried, milled and graded to a high standard in their Peshtigo, WI facility. They pride themselves on delivering product that is consistent and of superior quality ultimately allowing for easy installation. Aacer’s flooring receives high marks for vibration reduction, shock absorption, flooring resiliency, moisture resistance and dead-spot elimination. Aacer also supplies synthetic flooring in a variety of textures, colors and gauges to fit your project needs and budget.

Emily Harbourne is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at emily@peakemedia.com

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